Fenner plUS chain builds on the heritage and engineering experience of the existing fenner product range by optimising the benefits of performance enhancing features which work together to give fenner plUS chain the optimum combination of tensile strength, wear resistance and fatigue life.       

Fenner sprockets are available with either Taper Lock® or pilot bored fixings and are precision manufactured from fine grade cast iron. Sprockets are available in simplex, duplex and triplex forms for sizes 05B to 20B.

Fenner inverters have been designed from first principles to deliver optimum cost savings with no loss of performance. These Inverters are very easy to install and commission and they run from the box in seconds.                                                                                                                          

Fenner Geared Motors deliver the ultimate in flexibility. Customers can choose from IE2 or IE3 with full ATEX compliance. Special coatings are available for Food manufacturing, Water industry and many other markets and Robust Series P gearboxes have a modular construction enabling short lead times. They are available in double, triple and quadruple reduction gear stages having a maximum output torque range of up to 900,000Nm.                                                                    

Fenner UltraplUS 150 drive belts are specifically designed for applications where rugged durability is paramount, combining the highest level of performance with the longest service life possible.